SEL Delivery and Support

Mental health is now more important than ever in these unprecedented times. The Kansas Teaching & Leading Project offers SEL instruction to schools in order to create consistent opportunities for students to cultivate, practice, and reflect on social and emotional competencies in ways that are developmentally appropriate and culturally responsive. These opportunities provide dedicated time to focus on social and emotional competencies.
What can we Do or Consider First?
What can we Consider or Do Next?
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What can we do or consider first?

This tool, adapted from the ATLAS Looking at Data Protocol from the National School Reform Faculty Harmony Education Center (, presents a structured reflection process for SEL teams and other school stakeholders to observe trends and discuss ideas for continuous improvement of SEL implementation. It emphasizes the importance of examining data with an equity lens and elevating a range of perspectives when interpreting data.

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Contact: Lindsay McKanna

TASN provided eLearning modules on Trauma Responsive School Community, Neuroscience in Education, and Recognizing Child Sexual Abuse and Mandated Reporting. Also included are resources for mindfulness, yoga in schools and handouts on youth suicide, stress and brain growth, understanding ACEs and resiliency and more. All training and resources available are designed for school communities.

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Contact: Shanna Bigler
This webinar will look at the current challenges educators face, and provide practical self-care and social-emotional tips to help address and support the well-being of teachers, school counselors, and administrators.

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Contact: Jessica Lane
This is a series of ten modules designed to provide professional learning communities with training in the Cycle of Escalating Behavior. The target audiences are related service providers, support staff, administrators, educators, and family/community.

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Contact: TASN Autism and and Tertiary Behavior Supports
The document contains evidence-based strategies for helping adults with SEL needs and concerns.

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Contact: DeAnne Heersche

What can we consider or do next?

The How Learning Works series provides real tools to educators and service providers in youth-serving settings. These tools will allow us all to better align our practices with what science says about human learning.

The 34 video series will walk educators through what science has taught us about learning, how to foster strong positive relationships, cultivating a mindset of belonging, establishing positive conditions for learning, trauma-informed considerations, and numerous options for engaging learners and families outside of the classroom.

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Contact: Jennifer Taylor

How can we dig deeper?

Resources and videos coming soon!