Assessing Student Learning (Academic and Social)

The Kansas Teaching & Leading Project offers assistance on assessing student learning as well as resources to help schools analyze student learning data and help schools figure out what they can do with this data to increase student learning. The Kansas Teaching & Leading Project offers advice on assessment auditing and a tiered system of support audits as well as helping teachers collect authentic artifacts of student learning as it all happens.
What can we Do or Consider First?
What can we Consider or Do Next?
How can we Dig Deeper?

What can we do or consider first?

Attention Teachers and Administrators: join discussion on how students learn in classrooms, the importance of using data daily, and data audits.

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Contact: Tonya Smedley
This document, ideally, would be copied for each student’s use. We designed this document to accompany the portfolio created in Xello / Career Cruising / Kansas Pipeline, etc.

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Contact: Lori Jensen Wilson

What can we consider or do next?

This resource is designed to support IEP Teams as they determine whether a child needs compensatory services. Compensatory services are generally defined as educational services above and beyond that normally due to a student.

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Contact: Laura Jurgensen
This resource can be used by families, general and special educators and administrators when considering how grading and reporting will be done for students with significant cognitive disabilities when receiving instruction in the general education classroom.

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Contact: Cary Rogers

How can we dig deeper?

Resources and videos coming soon!