Learning Environment Considerations

The Kansas Teaching & Leading Project offers a myriad of services to assist in student learning in your district. This program offers learning services that provide options for virtual and hybrid work as well as help in educating teachers to teach and learn in these new environments. The Kansas Teaching & Leading Project also offers resources to help educate parents about different learning options and styles available.
What can we Do or Consider First?
What can we Consider or Do Next?
How can we Dig Deeper?

What can we do or consider first?

Google Applied Digital Skills is a free online curriculum that can be accessed by individual learners or used in a classroom setting. Project-based units help participants to practice basic digital skills using Google’s G Suite for Education applications (Gmail, Docs, Sheets, etc.). This resource could be utilized by students, staff, and families to help support technology integration and implementation within a district.

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Contact: Ronnie Williams
Reflecting on 2020-2021: 8 Certainties to Consider (Past & Present), Possibilities & Planning for Teachers and Administrators

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Contact: Tonya Smedley
This two-page list of questions can be used throughout this spring semester to pinpoint things that went well this school year that can and should be carried forward, as well as opportunities for growth and adjustments moving forward.

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Contact: Jennifer Hanni

The objectives of this session are to give a brief overview of Design Thinking, talk about Design Thinking as a school improvement process to support Navigating Next, share an activity to practice Design Thinking, and give participants ideas for turnkeying the information to colleagues and staff.

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Contact: Tammy Mitchell

What can we consider or do next?

The 4 Disciplines of Execution provide a framework for schools to use as they implement strategies around their goals. Within this framework, schools are asked to narrow their focus and act on strategies that leverage them closer toward success, all while keeping score and holding regular accountability meetings. As schools begin innovating to ensure equitable learning opportunities through Navigating Next, they will need a process through which an idea becomes a successfully executed strategy. The objective of this second recording is to give an overview of the 4 Disciplines of Execution as a framework for successful implementation. The ideal audience would be teachers and leaders who are curious about how to execute on their innovative efforts throughout Navigating Next.

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Contact: Sarah Perryman

How can we dig deeper?

During this live, virtual session, participants will reflect on the learning environments created this year in response to the pandemic (remote, hybrid, in-person), including identifying what worked and what didn’t. After reflecting, participants will identify a learning environment challenge for the next school year and apply a blended process of Design Thinking and the 4 Disciplines of Execution to develop a potential solution. The learning activities from this session can be utilized to create a plan for the different types of learning environments offered to students next school year. Registration: April 20, 2021, 9:00 AM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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Contact: Jay Scott