Communications with Families

Looking for a way to remain engaged with students and their families? The Kansas Teaching & Leading Project can help. With Communities and Families, this program will examine ways to engage and partner with students, families and communities to identify problems and create and implement systematic solutions to ensure equitable learning conditions and outcomes allow for student success.
What can we Do or Consider First?
What can we Consider or Do Next?
How can we Dig Deeper?

What can we do or consider first?

These communication templates and survey options are aligned to Navigate Next initiatives and are available to principals, district leadership teams, and building leadership teams. Please consider local needs and context as you plan ways to use these templates to continuously and proactively communicate with and engage families throughout the Spring of 2021.

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Contact: Michael Koonce
1-800-CHILDREN provides judgment-free parenting support and connection to local resources 24/7 through a call line, mobile app and resource database. Can be used by caregivers or professionals!

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Contact: Stephanie Boone
This session will focus on how to move from simple family involvement to deeper family engagement. The objectives for the session are: 1. to identify why families aren’t engaged, 2. to define what family engagement really means, 3. to identify the principles of engagement that will lead to more families being engaged and 4. identifying next steps to increase family engagement.

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Contact: John Girodat
Dr. Jane Groff provides an introductory video for support available at the Kansas Parent Information Resource Center.

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Contact: Kim Mauk

What can we consider or do next?

Resources and videos coming soon!

How can we dig deeper?

Resources and videos coming soon!