Navigating Next

A collection of resources for the next phase of teaching and leading in Kansas.
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Navigating Next Guidance

Navigating Next brings new content to educators during the time of the pandemic as they continue to navigate the changing environment of education. These assets aid teachers through their journey during this time, while offering supportive information and documents that can be used classroom wide.

Communications with Families

Looking for a way to remain engaged with students and their families? The Kansas Teaching & Leading Project can help. With Communities and Families, this program will examine ways to engage and partner with students, families and communities to identify problems and create and implement systematic solutions to ensure equitable learning conditions and outcomes allow for student success.

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Assessing Student Learning

The Kansas Teaching & Leading Project offers assistance on assessing student learning as well as resources to help schools analyze student learning data and help schools figure out what they can do with this data to increase student learning. The Kansas Teaching & Leading Project offers advice on assessment auditing and a tiered system of support audits as well as helping teachers collect authentic artifacts of student learning as it all happens.

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Academic Delivery and Support

The Kansas Teaching & Leading Project offers Academic Delivery Support to ensure students receive the support they need via formal and informal school programs that will enrich students. Learning in an electronic environment can be challenging and connecting with students virtually can be a unique endeavor. The Kansas Teaching & Leading Project offers academic delivery and support to address.

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SEL Delivery and Support

Mental health is now more important than ever in these unprecedented times. The Kansas Teaching & Leading Project offers SEL instruction to schools in order to create consistent opportunities for students to cultivate, practice, and reflect on social and emotional competencies in ways that are developmentally appropriate and culturally responsive. These opportunities provide dedicated time to focus on social and emotional competencies.

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Learning Environment Considerations

The Kansas Teaching & Leading Project offers a myriad of services to assist in student learning in your district. This program offers learning services that provide options for virtual and hybrid work as well as help in educating teachers to teach and learn in these new environments. The Kansas Teaching & Leading Project also offers resources to help educate parents about different learning options and styles available.

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Fiscal and Operational Management

The Kansas Teaching & Leading Project offers Fiscal and Operational Management help to schools in maintaining and promoting health and safety practices that help combat and mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus. The Kansas Teaching & Leading Project can assist in providing vaccination information and resources to schools to aid in vaccination and virus prevention.

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