During this session participants will learn the definition of Competency-Based Learning (CBL), understand why moving toward CBL is beneficial, plan how to communicate the change to CBL to their stakeholders, and discuss the steps necessary to lead the change to CBL. Lead Presenter - John Girodat Co-Presenter - Kim Mauk

SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL LEARNING: Helping Students Build Resilience

Why do some students overcome what seems to be insurmountable odds to become productive and happy adults? How do they manage to survive and thrive? The critical factor identified is resiliency. This session will introduce some strategies to build resiliency in students. Key objectives will be: • What is Resilience? – foundational information about resilience;


This session is designed around the importance of feedback from teacher and students, using that feedback to feedforward, incorporate feedback into your rubrics, and striving to develop assessment capable learners. Lead Presenter - Tonya Smedley


This group-learning session focuses on how to create a collaborative team based on the contributions of the individuals. Teams thrive when individuals know their role in the success of the team. Objectives: 1. Describe what team collaboration looks like 2. Determine 3 top values for your team 3. Gain awareness of the ways your team

ACADEMIC DELIVERY & SUPPORT: KID CAMP: A creative solution for reconnecting with kids.

Looking for a fun idea for summer school? How about hosting a learning CAMP? Let's plan and brainstorm about how much fun staff, students, families and communities could have by coming together to connect, explore and learn! Several strategies will be shared including possible themes and ways to connect with your local resources. Rural schools...

TEACHING WITH INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY: Continuing Excellent Instruction While Teaching Online

You're an excellent teacher... but this online thing? It's tough! Join Lori as we reflect on your best teaching practices and relationship building techniques you use in your face-to-face classroom, consider how to replicate your best practices when teaching online and explore new resources for teaching online. Appropriate for all K-12 teachers. Lead Presenter -

SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL LEARNING: Behavior Interventions in an Electronic Environment

Teaching in an electronic environment is challenging and addressing behavior in this environment can be even more challenging. So, what might interventions look like, sound like? What are effective interventions? Learn intervention strategies that will help increase student motivation and improve behavior. The three areas of focus will be: ● Components of Effective Classroom Management;

LEARNING ENVIRONMENT CONSIDERATIONS: Design Thinking and Navigating Next Part 3: Blending Design Thinking & 4DX to Navigate Next

During this live, virtual session, participants will reflect on the learning environments created this year in response to the pandemic (remote, hybrid, in-person), including identifying what worked and what didn't. After reflecting, participants will identify a learning environment challenge for the next school year and apply a blended process of Design Thinking and the 4

COMMUNITY AND FAMILY ENGAGEMENT: Communicating with Stakeholders

Communicating with Stakeholders is a session relative to all (administrators, teachers, parents, individuals, or groups). This session will examine the oral and written words of communication as well as the different models of listening. Participants will: * Analyze the mindsets behind communication styles
 * Determine your communication model and its impact on stakeholders
 * Develop […]


We know that Professional Learning Communities are effective and motivating for staff members. There are obvious challenges during these times to continue these practices or start new PLCs. Join DeAnne Heersche as she reviews ideas to learn some simple tools for running PLCS and applying these ideas to the virtual setting. Appropriate for all administrators […]

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