SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL LEARNING: Assessing and Helping Students with SEL Needs Online

So, what does this look like? What do teachers need to do? What is available? Come learn some strategies that will help begin this process. The three areas of focus will be: ● Observing Student Behavior – what to look for with students; ● Quick and Easy Check-Ins and Closure Reflections – daily assessment of

SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL LEARNING: Addressing Diverse Staff SEL and Well-Being Needs

This session is about the 5 SEL competencies and which of the five administrators should focus on to help support teachers with their SEL skill development and support their well-being. Objective 1 - To Learn Which Social Emotional Skills to Target for Staff Members Objective 2 - To Explore SEL and Well-Being Options for Staff

SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL LEARNING: Connecting Deep Through Community Circles

Let's talk about connecting deep with our students and colleagues through Community Circle. *Understand the definitions of Restorative Justice, Restorative Practices, and Restorative Justice in Education *Understand the framework of Restorative Justice in Education *Understand what it looks like to “Nurture Healthy Relationships” through Community Circles Lead Presenter - Carmen Zeisler

SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL LEARNING: Handling Behaviors in Online Courses

What are possible underpinnings for student behavior online? What is a useable prevention strategy that will build relationships, community and help prevent negative incidents in remote learning? How do we handle these occurrences in the moment or through follow-up? In this session we will unpack the Art of the Check-in as prevention, as well as

SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL LEARNING: Helping Students Build Resilience

Why do some students overcome what seems to be insurmountable odds to become productive and happy adults? How do they manage to survive and thrive? The critical factor identified is resiliency. This session will introduce some strategies to build resiliency in students. Key objectives will be: • What is Resilience? – foundational information about resilience;

SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL LEARNING: Behavior Interventions in an Electronic Environment

Teaching in an electronic environment is challenging and addressing behavior in this environment can be even more challenging. So, what might interventions look like, sound like? What are effective interventions? Learn intervention strategies that will help increase student motivation and improve behavior. The three areas of focus will be: ● Components of Effective Classroom Management;

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