COMMUNITY AND FAMILY ENGAGEMENT: The Important Role of Educators in Engaging Families

This session will allow educators to reflect on how they currently engage with families. During the session, participants will do the following: begin to understand and identify a shift in their approach to engaging families, name their role in engaging families, and finally explain the 5 A’s for Building Family-School-Community Partnerships. Lead Presenter - Kim


This session will help teachers know what resources are out there both for subject area help and for basic learning skills information so that they can share this knowledge with parents. The audience is K-12 teachers. Lead Presenter - Stephen King Co-Presenter - Tanya Jacobucci

COMMUNITY AND FAMILY ENGAGEMENT: Communication with Parents: Are they getting the message?

How is your communication in district going? Are you sure?? Join Lori and Tanya from Orion as they share information for 1. Reflecting on current practices and review techniques for checking if communication is clear and effective, 2. Reviewing strategies to set clear communication goals and evaluate district / building practices. and 3. Offering a

COMMUNITY AND FAMILY ENGAGEMENT: Communicating with Stakeholders

Communicating with Stakeholders is a session relative to all (administrators, teachers, parents, individuals, or groups). This session will examine the oral and written words of communication as well as the different models of listening. Participants will: * Analyze the mindsets behind communication styles
 * Determine your communication model and its impact on stakeholders
 * Develop

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