Have Fun with Books

6x6 Skills: Have Fun with Books We all know that children want to play and have fun. If we want them to learn to read, we have to make books and reading playful and fun, too. If your child enjoys books and is interested in them, they will want

Notice Print All Around You

6x6 Skills: Notice Print All Around You A key skill in learning to read is to understand that words have meanings – not just in books, but everywhere you see them. Experts call this print awareness, and it includes understanding how a book works. Your child will develop this

Take Time to Rhyme

6x6 Skills: Take Time to Rhyme, Sing and Play Word Games Children love to play, and rhyming and singing are like playing with sounds and words. When we sing, we break the words up into syllables. Understanding how words are broken up is one of the skills your child

Talk, Talk, Talk

6x6 Skills: Talk, Talk, Talk Always talk to your child (about anything!), even when they don’t understand. The more words a child hears, the larger their vocabulary will eventually be – and that is very helpful in learning to read. Not only that, but research says that children with

Tell Stories About Everything

6x6 Skills: Tell Stories about Everything Children learn from stories, and reading stories to your child will help their language skills, teach them new words, and help them understand the world around them. Before children learn to read, they should know that stories have a beginning, a middle and

Look for Letters

6x6 Skills: Look for Letters Everywhere Learning the alphabet is more than knowing ABC. It’s important that you child can recognize different letters (both large and small), and that every letter has a name and a sound. Your child will need this skill to learn how to read. Letters

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